Refinement & Elegance of Traditional Roman Cuisine

Between Tastes, Cinema and Tradition

The Vladimiro Restaurant offers a varied choice, even for demanding palates, thanks to a special menu with new traditional Roman dishes, such as baked shin with potatoes and the classic, unmissable artichokes alla giudia. Our restaurant is divided into three rooms and offers outdoor tables to enjoy the mid-season sun or mild winter days.

Selection of Meats, Fresh Fish & Genuine Cheeses

Between Tastes, Cinema and Tradition

Our meat specialities are prepared with fresh, top-quality ingredients. Vladimiro is located in an enviable position in the centre of the beautiful Eternal City. Our Mediterranean specialities translate into tasty and memorable dishes. We prepare dishes with fresh, carefully selected fish from the Mediterranean, served in beautiful interior rooms or in the charming dehors. Chopping boards of Italian and foreign cheeses are an integral part of our menu. Fresh or aged, they represent the best of the cheese production on the market. Our trusted retailers guarantee products that preserve their aromas and characteristics.

Menu of the Day

Research and Study

In our restaurant we serve variety and high quality, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a daily menu full of fresh and revisited specialities.